Strategic Engagement

Creating a story that connects and moves people

What we do

We help to articulate the story that generates energy for the community to act in a way that moves the organisation into the future.

We grow the ability to connect the lived experience to the strategic story, in order for the strategy to be brought to life and interwoven into the daily life of the organisation.

We provide insight into how this story connects to the leadership dynamic at play in the organisation.

Strategic Engagement

Organisations need a meaningful story that links the past with the future in a coherent and engaging way.

Leadership Development

People need a community that offers support and challenge, and a structure to grow and achieve goals.

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Team Effectiveness

Leaders and teams need to be effective: able to link the new intent with outcomes, consistently.

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Our Team

Our Purpose

Why do some people, groups and communities take up their authority and act on what they believe in and others don’t?

Our purpose at Sapling is to continuously study how leadership and followership emerges in relation to the big systemic challenges we face as a society; climate change, inequality and mental health.

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