We help leaders grow the capacity to contend with uncertainty & complexity.

Sapling Studio was created to provide a space to inquire and study how to lead and follow well in complex and uncertain times.

Connect strategy & leadership

Contending with uncertainty and complexity requires good leadership and strategy, and for that we need to go to basic principles: Trust and meaning.

These are not found in documents or structures, but rather in relationships that help us develop and honour our intent.

Our services

We are not a business school or a consultancy.
We are a studio.

We believe that leadership can be learned (and studied), but it cannot be taught theoretically or outsourced.

The most effective way to learn about leadership is to practice leading and following in groups, and reflect together to make sense of these experiences. Which is not easy when performance matters and time is a constraint.

That’s why we created a leadership studio. A space and an innovative approach in which one can observe and participate in leadership and followership in order to learn and transform.

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